All the stuff you wish they'd taught you in school
but now that you are adulting you need to know
by Didi & Jeff King of King Quantum Thought
We Had to Figure It Out By Ourselves, But You Don’t Have To!
Imagine having a phone call with your parents and you’re not asking them for money.
Wouldn’t you love to say, “Dad, I've got this!”?
Are you on your own but your parents still treat you like a child?
Does moving out of your parents’ basement into your own place stress you out?
Do you hate it when your mom tells you to clean your room...and she doesn’t even live with you?
Impress your parents! Make them think you’ve got it all figured out!
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Adulting Roadmap is designed to ease some of the worry that comes with venturing out on your own,
and to help you remember that life is supposed to be fun.
We’ll be giving you practical tips and advice along with empowering personal development
to help you live your best life.
Decide to Make Your Life Better NOW!
adulting roadmap is a Detailed, ONLINE COURSE.
includes more than 8 hours of videos
THAT teach you what you need to know about adulting
so you can live the stress-free LIFE YOU WANT
This Video Course Is For:
Recent or soon-to-be graduates
Young adults now living on your own, or planning to soon
Anyone who wants a better understanding of the basics of adulting
International students & immigrants who want to
better understand living in the U.S.
Anyone who wants to make informed decisions
Everyone committed to creating the life you want, no matter where you're starting from or how much you "know" or "don't know" today
...This Program Is For You!

When you sign up today, here is everything you get access to...
Watch the following preview video to see what Adulting Roadmap is all about.
Adulting Roadmap
Online Self-Study Program
  Video Introduction
Start your road to successful adulting with a quick video that introduces you to the course and explains how to get the most out of your program.
  Part 1 - Growing Into Your Amazing Potential
We’ll be giving you ideas and action steps to raise your awareness of who you really are and what you are capable of. You’ll be cleaning the slate of the past and writing your future exactly the way you want it to be. All this while we have fun together exploring the exciting world of adulthood.
Includes these video lessons:
  Lesson 1 - You Become What You Think About
How we think, and how that affects you.
  Lesson 2 - Watch Out For Speed Bumps
How your beliefs about yourself hold you back from your greatest potential, and how to change your negative beliefs.
  Lesson 3 - Being Selfish
Understanding and improving your self image.
  Lesson 4 - You're Grounded!
How personal alignment and an attitude of gratitude will change your life for the better.
  Lesson 5 - Communication "On The Level"
How to better communicate with others (family, friends, bosses) to ensure your success.
  Lesson 6 - Reacting vs. Responding
How to control yourself and positively respond to people and situations, instead of instinctually and negatively reacting to them.
  Lesson 7 - Situational Conversations
How to support and better communicate with others in special situations, such as death or illness; how to express your gratitude to others.
  Part 2 - Mastering Everyday Adulting So You Have More Time for the Fun Stuff
This section is all about practical advice on being an adult, and includes instructional videos on all the terms and concepts you will need to know – everything from insurance and taxes, to grocery shopping and becoming better organized, to budgeting and managing your finances.
  Lesson 1 - I Can’t Find My Car Keys!: Organizing Your Space and Your Things
How to eliminate your clutter, keep track of your things, and manage all those important documents.
  Lesson 2 - I’m Too Busy for That!: Organizing Your Time
How to prioritize and schedule your time by understanding the things your time and energy should be focused on.
  Lesson 3 - Dishes or Netflix??
Sorting through your responsibilities and priorities, your action plan for success, tips for keeping your living space clean, and what you need to know before you get a pet.
  Lesson 4 - Perpetual Pizza Boxes: Cooking vs Takeout
Kitchen tips when you're just starting out, how to maximize your food budget, and how to pick out groceries and plan your menus.
  Lesson 5 - Bills & Taxes & Retirement Planning...Oh My
Understanding wants and needs, your spending budget, income taxes, your employee benefit choices, and how insurance works and why you need it.
  Lesson 6 - Budget Schmudget: The Real Costs of Adulting
Managing your money, financial planning, avoiding scams, bank accounts, interest rates, credit scores, credit cards, owning a vehicle, living on your own, renting and leasing, buying and owning a home, and homeowners/renters insurance.
  Lesson 7 - What Do You See Yourself Doing Five Years From Now?: Finding Your Perfect Job
Planning your career path, should you go to college, the importance of life-long learning, working during the technological revolution, employment vs. freelancing and entrepreneurialism, social media, finding a job, analyzing job offers, and knowing when it's time to quit and move on.
  Lesson 8 - Don’t Be a Know-It-All! When to Find an Expert
When to rely on the internet and when to talk face-to-face with an expert, finding consultants and advisors, and attending to your mental health.
  Part 3 - Let's Get This Adulting Thing Going!
Final words and advice on adjusting to your new role as a successful, purposeful adult, plus more resources if you want to know more.
  Plus: Bonus Downloads
Downloadable documents, worksheets, checklists, and infographics that help you on your adulting journey. Includes:
Time Management Matrix
Career Development & Pathing Worksheets
Blank Action Plans
6 Action Steps I Will Complete Today
Simple Guide to Making a Healthy Meal
Daily Gratitude Sheet
Moving Checklist
Tips for Job Interviews
Expenses & Saving Tips
Recipes for Eating Healthy But Tasty Meals on a Budget
Things You Probably Need to Buy If You Will Live On Your Own
Guide to Asking Open-Ended Questions So You Can Improve Your Conversation Skills
Budget Worksheet
Spending Tracker
Guide to Protecting Your Hard-Earned Money
Guide to Define Your Current Financial Situation
Tips on Things You Can Start Doing TODAY to Improve Your Financial Situation
and more!
  Plus: We'll Be Adding More Content Based on YOUR Feedback!
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"The Science of Being Great"
Trilogy ebook
Learn the real secrets to living a healthy and successful life in this 3-book volume of the works of Wallace D. Wattles: The Science of Being Great, The Science of Being Well, and How To Get What You Want. These practical guides are short and to-the-point and describe the basic concepts of positive thinking and self-improvement, in a simple, easy-to-understand format that anyone can understand.
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10-Module Video Lessons (more than 3 hours!)
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  Mastering Everyday Adulting So You Have More Time
for the Really Fun Stuff
18-Module Video Lessons (more than 5 hours!)
Value $997
  Bonus Downloads: Lots of Downloadable Documents, Worksheets, Checklists, & Infographics
Value $397
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Here's What Our Customers Say About Us:
"I see one of Didi’s unique strengths is using her own experiences to help others. She is very good at recognizing other people’s struggles. Didi has a special way of helping others realize that we all have struggles….but there is a way out. She can make others recognize that the answer is usually something they already know, they just have to make the mental decision to commit to it. The way she relates to people and brings this conversation out….it almost makes them think it was their idea. This is one of her best strengths as a coach. She is always so supportive, because she knows what it’s like to have the inner struggle….and make the commitment. Didi also helps people remember to not look back, only forward."
"I admire Jeff's leadership skills, efficiency, knowledge of related or designated subject matter, as well as his willingness to share expertise with others. He is confident and self-assured, and I appreciate his sensitivity. My experience shows me that he is honest, respectful of others, emotionally open, and compassionate. Integrity defines who he is!"
" A caring and compassionate woman—Didi is a powerful coach!"
"Didi is a wonderful human being...period. As a coach, she is able to help you define and then get results that you knew you wanted, but didn’t quite know how to get."
"Didi’s coaching style is down to earth and she is so relatable. I learn so much in our small group coaching sessions, it feels like a family and I always walk away with new tools and resources that often amaze me because they are simple to put into practice. Didi is deeply knowledgeable and she leads by example. She does the work right along with us, encouraging us and guiding us in shifting our thinking to achieve the results we want. Through Didi’s coaching, I have replaced habits that I wouldn’t have dreamed I could ever replace. I know the sky’s the limit and I am so incredibly thankful to Didi!"
"Someone becomes a serious asset to any organization when their personal skillset includes what I consider to be the five star points of leadership: intelligence, dedication, common sense (pragmatism/logic), vision, and interpersonal skills. These kinds of people make the world go around, and Didi is most certainly one of these people. 
    What she brings to the table that is unique, though, is her personal experience and the very down-to-earth way that she relates to people. She is understanding, helpful, and kind, and these qualities make people comfortable with her, which empowers them to be at their best."
Do you think you can't do this because of the cost?
Think about the cost of lost opportunities:
There is an opportunity cost with every delay in improving your situation. It may seem like you can’t afford to invest money in a program, but think about all the potential relief, good choices, and happiness that you will be missing if you delay making a positive decision to take action.

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